Can I still cancel my order?

Unfortunately, as soon as your order is validated and paid for, we can no longer cancel the order.For postponements, cancellations or circumstances beyond your control, you can contact our customer service by e-mail.

I have a cancellation insurance, how can I submit a claim ?

To file a claim, please download this claim form to fill out, and send it as soon as possible to: Allianz Global AssistanceRue des Hirondelles 21000 BrusselsBelgium Tel.: + Email: tcc@allianz-global-assistance.beWeb: www.allianz-global-assistance.beDo you have more questions? Check our dedicated web page.

Refund request

Dear fan, Thank you for this refund request. The definitive decision for a refund however lies with the organization of the event you bought tickets for. As a ticket distribution company we have neither participation nor responsibility in this decision.  Therefore we can’t guarantee the refund of your tickets.   We can however make sure your request will be handled by the correct institution. Therefore, please send us, via the following link, your personal details as well as a reason why you can’t attend the event. In return, we will pass this information to the organization of the event you bought tickets for. Afterwards, they will contact you. As long as you don’t receive any notification from the organization, your tickets remain valid. In case you already added a CANCELLATION INSURANCE to your order, please download and fill in this Dutch form*, or this French form*, and send it as soon as possible to our partner at the following address: Allianz Global AssistanceTechnical Customer CareZwaluwenstraat 21000 BrusselBelgiëEmail:  More info on your cancellation insurance you will find here.   Best regards, The Ticketmaster-team   *Unfortunately, an English form is not yet available. We are aware of this and understand the inconvenience this may cause. We have requested an English form and expect to receive one soon. Thank you for your understanding.


How does the virtual ‘queue’ work?

For major ticket sales, the influx on our website can be substantial. Sometimes we put a queueing system in place to optimise the flow of orders and to avoid technical problems. When we do so, you’ll see a circle. How and why? When there is an overload of customers trying to purchase tickets for a specific event, we create a virtual ‘waiting room’ in the event page before the ticket sales start. This way we can make sure we do not disturb customers who are visiting our website to buy a ticket for another event, or are simply browsing. Once the ticket sales start, the event page will automatically refresh and redirect you into the virtual ‘queue’ which will eventually lead you to the order page. To make sure everyone gets a fair chance to purchase their tickets, you will be brought to the order page according to your place ‘in line.’  Waiting on the event page hours in advance will not make a difference.


How do I exchange or upgrade my tickets?

Exchanges can only be made with one of our customer agents by phone: please call 070/222.107 (max. 30ct/min).A request for an exchange or upgrade will always be subject to ticket availability and an admin fee of 2,5€ per ticket will be charged. As the price difference will have to be paid in order to confirm the upgrade, please make sure you have a valid credit card when calling. Click here for applicable exceptions.


How can I contact Ticketmaster Belgium?

You can find answers to most questions here in the FAQ. Were you unable to find an answer to your question? Then please contact us by filling in this form or sending an email to help@ticketmaster.beIf you wish to send us a letter then please use this address: Ticketmaster BelgiëBuro&Design CenterEsplanade 1 B331020 Brussel You can order tickets by giving us a call from Monday to Friday at 9am until 12.30pm and 1.30pm until 6pm. You can reach us using the following telephone numbers: within Belgium: 0900 40 850 (€0,50/min) International: +32 70 660 601 (€0,30/min) For all your other questions you can reach us using the number +32 70 222 107 (€0,30/min) from Monday to Friday at 9am until 12.30pm and 1.30pm until 6pm. Have you ordered tickets with us before? Then you can call us using the toll free number +32 2 808 19 80, from Monday to Friday at 9am until 12.30pm and 1.30pm until 6pm.


How do I create a account?

Creating an account is very easy!    Click on "Account"Click on "Login"Click on “Register”Fill in the required fields (make sure you include a valid e-mail address that is in regular use. We will use it to contact you in case an event/show is cancelled or postponed) If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, simply check the box next to “No, I would not like Ticketmaster newsletters and general marketing including special offers or information that might be of interest by electronic means. ” Click on the “Accept and Continue” button.   Congratulations, you have created an account! You can now order tickets, have a look at your reservations, print e-tickets and make changes to your profile. 

I have a Ticketmaster account in another country. Can I access it at

Sadly, the various national Ticketmaster accounts have not yet been linked, but we are working on it!If you wish to buy tickets via, you should set up a new account.


My name is on my tickets, but someone else is going to the concert. Will that be a problem?

That is not a problem (unless it has been mentioned explicitly for a specific event).The name of the person whose account was used to order the tickets is on every ticket that issues.You can order several tickets for one order, but the name will always be the same.Note: We can you only guarantee this if you bought your tickets directly on our platform. If the ticket was bought elsewhere or from someone else, we can no longer guarantee the validity of the ticket. For more information, you can contact our customer service by e-mail or telephone.

The seat numbers are not consecutive. What does that mean?

In some venues, the seating is numbered according to a system of odd and even numbers. Unless you were warned when you placed the order, your seats will be next to each other.When in doubt, you can send an e-mail to our customer service.


How can I pay when ordering tickets online?

Payment methods available may vary depending on how much time is left between the moment of ordering and the date of the event. They include:   1.      Bank transferNo additional feesYour seats are reserved for a period of five working days, after which they may be cancelled in the case of non-payment.We mail your tickets upon reception of your payment. Please bear in mind that it may take up to three working days to process your payment and thus to mail your tickets. Upon completion of your order all information necessary to execute the bank transfer is provided.    Careful:•        When fewer than 10 days are left before the date of the event, a payment by bank transfer is no longer possible.  •        We do not mail a bank transfer document. All information needed to prepare the transfer is provided in the confirmation mail you receive.   2.      Debit cardWhen you pay by bank card, a fee of 2,10% is added to the total amount of your order. The payment procedure takes little time, and is secured. Details may vary depending on which bank you are affiliated with. In order to optimize security we use 3D-Secure for all debit card payments.  3.      Credit Card (VISA, American Express & Mastercard)When you pay by credit card, a fee of 2,10% is added to the total amount of your order. The payment procedure takes little time, and is secured. Details may vary depending on which bank you are affiliated with. In order to optimize security we use 3D-Secure for all credit card payments.   4    iDeal.  This payment method is open to debit card holders from the Netherlands only. The transaction takes little time, and is secured.This payment method is offered with regard to a limited number of events only. A fee of €0,5 is added to the total amount of your order. 

I put in the wrong (or I forgot to put in a) payment communication on my BankTransfer. What should I do?

To ensure the smooth transaction of your order as soon as your payment arrives, please send us an email with your bank account number, the exact amount you have transferred, the date of the transfer, and the order number for which the payment is intended. This way we will be able to link the payment to the order, and your tickets will be sent to you.

What are the payment options when ordering over the phone?

When you order tickets from our call center, you receive a confirmation e-mail.   You may then pay by: Bank transfer Credit card (Mastercard, American Express and Visa)  Debit card (Maestro)

What are the various payment methods?

According to the time between the date on which you carry out your reservation and the date on which the event takes place, you will have the choice between two payment methods : 1. Payment by credit card and Bancontact/Mistercash :This method of payment is always an available option. After selecting the card of your choice (Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact/Mistercash), you then enter your card number, expiry date and the security code on the back of the card.We have adopted SSL encryption for secure credit card payment ensuring the confidentiality of your credit card data. This means that from the moment they are entered by you and transferred via the Internet, they are impossible to read. 2. Payment by bank transfer :If the event takes place more than 11 days before the reservation, you can pay your purchases by bank transfer. Select your tickets online, then order them. Your tickets are reserved during 4 days in anticipation of your bank transfer on our account. As of reception of your payment, your tickets are sent to you. If the time between the date of reservation and the date of the event is less than 11 days, it is not sufficient to be able to ensure a payment by bank transfer. Consequently, with less than 11 days, only the payment by credit card will be available.NOTE: this payment method is only available for EUROPEAN RESIDENTS (IBAN transfers only) .

Rock Werchter 2018

General conditions Camping Rock Werchter

I can’t go any more to Rock Werchter and would like to sell my ticket. What do I do?

The Belgian law of 30 July 2013 concerning the sale of tickets to events states that: The occasional resale of tickets is allowed if the sale price is the same as the official price, mentioned on the original ticket. Selling for a higher price is forbidden under any circumstance and you will be subjected to a severe penalty and prosecution if you sell at a higher price. The non-occasional or regular reselling, or making platforms available where non-occasional resale can take place or where the price can exceed the maximum permitted price is prohibited. The sale of free tickets, invitations, sponsor tickets or special offers of tickets before the official sale date is prohibited.

I purchased my Rock Werchter ticket from someone who couldn’t make it. Can I get in?

Bring a copy of the ID card of the original buyer in case of a ticket fraud check.

Is the camping included in the Rock Werchter festival tickets?

Camping is not included. If you wish to stay on one of the festival's campsites, you'll need to purchase a camping ticket as well.

Is the train ticket included in my Rock Werchter festival ticket?

Festival tickets are not valid as train tickets. Each festival ticket entitles you to 1 FREE and personal TRAIN TICKET for a return journey in 2nd class to Rock Werchter and your campsite. Transfers by extra bus of De Lijn are included. The train ticket can be downloaded from using your unique SNCB code you'll find on as from the 13th of June 2018.

More practical information on the Rock Werchter Festival website …

The name on my Rock Werchter ticket is not mine. Can I get in?

Yes. The tickets list the name of the person who ordered them from Ticketmaster. Does the name on your festival ticket not match with your own name? Don’t worry too much about this! If the ticket was purchased via the official channels, it’s valid. If the original buyer of the ticket does not accompany you when you enter the festival, please make sure the condition of the ticket, the printing quality and especially the barcode are impeccable. Print out your ticket on a white sheet of paper, and make sure the other side remains unused. Dirty, wet or laminated tickets and badly printed or unclear barcodes are not readable by the scanners. In that case, we can only give a copy of the ticket to the original ticket buyer. However, don’t buy your tickets via auction websites or second hand ticket websites. Tickets that are offered for an exuberant amount of money, will be blacklisted and made invalid, which means they don’t grant you access to the festival.

What are the entry requirements at Rock Werchter?

To gain access to the concert you are required to bring your ticket, booking confirmation and a valid Photo ID of the ticket buyer or you risk not to be granted entry to the show.

What is the ‘’face value’’ of the Rock Werchter festival tickets?

One day festival ticket costs 102 euro (6.5 euro service charges and 1.5 euro mobility fee included). A combi festival ticket (valid from 5 July to 8 July) costs 238 euro (6.5 euro service charges and 1.5 euro mobility fee included).

When are the Rock Werchter tickets going on sale?

Saturday 25 November 10am

When does the Rock Werchter CAMPSITE open ?

• The Hive and The Hive Resort : from Wednesday 4 July 2018 (2pm) to Monday 9 July 2018 (at noon) • Camping Mobilhome : from Wednesday 4 July 2018 (6pm) to Monday 9 July 2018 (at noon) • The Hive ADL and Camping Regular: from Thursday 5 July 2018 (8am) to Monday 9 July 2018 (at noon).

Where is ( Rock ) Werchter?

The festival park is located on the Haachtsesteenweg in Werchter (Belgium). Werchter is centrally located, not too far from Brussels (30 km) and close to Leuven (15 km).

Where should I buy my ‘’face value’’ Rock Werchter tickets from?

Tickets to Rock Werchter 2018 are exclusively available from and as from the 25th of November at 10 am.


I haven't received my tickets. What do I do now?

a) You selected the ‘E-ticket’ delivery method:when we receive the payment by bank transfer (3 workdays), we send the e-tickets check whether the e-mail address registered in your account is the correct one check your inbox and the junk mail folder check the status of the order in your customer account get in touch with our customer service by e-mail or telephone. Make sure you have your order number at hand when you do so. Our staff will look for an appropriate solution. a) You selected 'delivery by post':check whether the e-mail address registered in your account is correct and complete it is possible that your tickets were lost or stolen during dispatch by post. In this case, please get in touch with our customer service by e-mail or telephone. Make sure you have your order number at hand when you do so. Our staff will look for an appropriate solution.


Can I choose my seats?

We do everything we can to give our customers the opportunity to choose their seating themselves using a seating chart.When sales are high, however, we disable this option to prevent overloading of the website.Even if this option is not available, our system always selects the best seats available at the time of ordering.

How can I order tickets online?

Use the search function on the right-hand side of the home page to search for the event and select the one you are looking for. Click on ‘Buy tickets’ in the events list Select the required number of tickets Select your seat for an event which has a seating chart showing available seating or click on ‘Best seats available’. Click on ‘Buy’ The selected seats will be displayed. Click on ‘Continue’, or on ‘Search again’ if you’re not happy with the seats. ​Log in to your customer account. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgotten your password?’If you don’t have an account, click on ‘Register’ and complete the required fields.Select your delivery method Select your payment method from the available options. If you select payment by bank transfer, you will be sent the payment details by e-mail as soon as the order is completed.If you select payment by credit card/Bancontact, follow the instructions on the screen (these may vary depending on your bank).Check if your address is correct Tick the ‘I accept the terms and conditions of sale’ box Tick the ‘Confirm purchase’ box You will receive an e-mail confirming your order.