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According to the time between the date on which you carry out your reservation and the date on which the event takes place, you will have the choice between two payment methods :
1. Payment by credit card and Bancontact/Mistercash :

This method of payment is always an available option. After selecting the card of your choice (Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact/Mistercash), you then enter your card number, expiry date and the security code on the back of the card.
We have adopted SSL encryption for secure credit card payment ensuring the confidentiality of your credit card data. This means that from the moment they are entered by you and transferred via the Internet, they are impossible to read.
2. Payment by bank transfer :

If the event takes place more than 11 days before the reservation, you can pay your purchases by bank transfer. Select your tickets online, then order them. Your tickets are reserved during 4 days in anticipation of your bank transfer on our account. As of reception of your payment, your tickets are sent to you. If the time between the date of reservation and the date of the event is less than 11 days, it is not sufficient to be able to ensure a payment by bank transfer. Consequently, with less than 11 days, only the payment by credit card will be available.

NOTE: this payment method is only available for EUROPEAN RESIDENTS (IBAN transfers only) .
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